It is my honour to write a foreword for this very meaningful project undertaken by Professor Alex Fung. For all of us who took on teaching as a career, we are firm believers of life long education. The Chinese literature provided us with aspirations and wisdom that we would benefit tremendously if we could find time to read and understand them. Prof. Fung’s project facilitated and contributed to this very important endeavour.

The present publication would provide us with visionary, meaningful and timely reminders of the Chinese heritage and philosophy. Despite some literature were thousands years old, many of them are still relevant to our present society, in particular on how we groom ourselves, nurture our family, and contribute to the society and the country.   

Teaching is a very rewarding profession. I hope that all teachers will strive to become master teachers and guide their students to lead a meaningful and productive life in a harmonious and peaceful world. 

Professor Frank H.K. Fu, 

July, 2020.